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Version 2023.11

  • NEW: New UI frontend changes: Added feature flag for new UI - can turn it on and off per instance. Converts app, vendor, classification links to new UI.

  • NEW: Added attested_surveys to vendorproductcontacts API endpoint: New UI change so we can see which survey / product the contact attested in the API.

Version 2023.10

  • NEW: Calculate average category score in report.

Version 2023.09

  • FIX: Assessment Type num_assessments fix, adding filters to apps and vendor products for assessment_type of surveys they've participated in: 

    • Adding changes to return num_assessments in assessments types as what assessments the user can see (so there are no questions).

    • Adding filter to apps and vendorproducts for assessment_type for surveys the app participated in. Uses AssessmentSecuredQuerySets.get_surveys_queryset to honor permissions.

  • NEW: Added reports mean to surveys endpoint if the survey has a report generated.

  • NEW: Add CSV imports and exports to /api/vendors backend.

  • NEW: Added CSV Imports and Exports to /api/vendorproducts backend.

  • NEW: Added readonly field to questioncategorysnapshot endpoint for new UI.

  • NEW: Added status fields to assessments for new UI: Added number of surveys, added number of surveys completed, added status (Active, Draft, Complete).

  • NEW: Added level filter on /api/orgs endpoint for use in new UI.

  • NEW: New queries and attributes for new UI: assessment_types - filter on running (true or false), assessment_types - filter on target (1, 3, 6), assessment_types - count of assessments, assessments - filter by type (id), assessments - filter by product, app, ou (id), assessments - filter by target (1, 3, 6).

  • NEW: Allow vendors to upload documentation that matches Isora configurations (new UI).