Isora GRC - New Feature: Markdown Question and Help Texts

One new recent feature in Isora GRC is the ability to add markdown in question text and help text. Markdown is incredibly useful when you want to format question text and help text – provide ordered and unordered lists, URLs for further information on company policies, bold and italicize text, etc. – in Isora GRC. For a list of all markdown features, follow this link:

The example below has an example of a question with a header, ordered list, bolded text, italicized text, a link to a website and helptext that displays an image.

To make use of markdown, go to Admin > Questions > Question and either edit or create a new question.


Once the question is edited or created, launch an assessment with the question in it (if it’s a new question, make sure to add it to a question list). To view the marked down question, go to Assessments > Assessment and scroll to the new or edited question. It should look something like this:


Hover over the help text, and it should look something like this: