3.4 Viewing Completed Assessments

In the completed assessments tab, you’ll see a list of assessments that have already been completed by the vendors. This may include shared assessments that were submitted by other organizations. In the listing for each assessment, you can see not only the basic information about the product, but also the name of whatever organization submitted the assessment. It is possible for multiple organizations to assess the same products and share the results.


To see the results of the assessment, click the “view report” button. An example report is shown below.

The report includes comparative information to other vendors in the same vertical that have been assessed with Isora Lite. To view the full survey, including questions and answers, click the “Answer details” link.

Use your web browser’s print feature if you would like to print or save a copy of the report, or use the CSV download button on the Answer details tab.

Interpreting Reports

The overall score on a completed vendor assessment (or report) is based on survey responses. Each question has a preferred answer and some answers may receive partial credit. Some questions have “informational” value and their answers don’t impact the overall score. When you look at the Answer details tab for the report, you can see a breakdown for how the vendor scored in each category of questions, how they answered each question, and how the questions contributed to the overall score. If any supporting documentation was uploaded, you should be able to access that as well.

Questions that had favorable answers will be shown with a green checkmark; those with unfavorable answers have a red cross, and informational questions are shown with in blue with an “i” icon.

In the Summary tab, you can see comparative information with other vendors in the same vertical, including an average for that vertical. This is based on which reports you have access to. So if another user has access to a different set of reports, they might see a different average value reflected here.