3.1 Creating a Vendor Assessment

  1. In the assessment module, click the “new assessment” button.

2. Click the “select a product” link.

3. Fill in the form, choosing a vertical option from the drop-down list, and click the “select” button.

5. You are returned to the new assessment entry box. If you realize you made a mistake, you can go back and re-enter the product info using the refresh button in the upper right corner. Fill in the rest of the fields.


6. Choose an expiration date for the survey. If the vendor does not fill out the survey before it expires, the assessment will disappear from Isora Lite!

If you would like extra security, you can specify a password for the vendor to use to access the assessment. However, the URL itself is unique, so you can also think of the URL like a password. If you want other Isora Lite users to be able to see the results of the assessment once it’s completed, check the “allow report to be viewed by other users” checkbox. Then click the “save” button.

7. On the open assessments tab, you can now see your new assessment (you may need to expand the “Vendor Assessment” heading). If you are ready to submit it to the vendor, you can click the “launch” button. Once an assessment is launched, it cannot be edited.

8. The page updates to show you a URL for the vendor assessment. You can then copy this URL and share it with the vendor.

If you click on the “view” button or name of the assessment, you can view the list of questions, in case you actually wanted to fill it out yourself rather than having the vendor fill it out.