What are notifications?

There may be large numbers of people who need to participate in an assessment. Isora GRC can generate emails that notify the necessary people so they know they should log in and answer questions. There are also notifications to keep administrative people (assessment managers, IT staff and superusers) informed about where the assessments and surveys are in the process of completion, and notifications for OU heads to know when they need to log in and sign off on the assessment(s).

Isora GRC needs to be integrated with your mail server for the notifications to work. This is usually part of the initial customization process during new customer on-boarding. If you haven’t done so yet, email support@saltycloud.com to request email integration.

Notifications are discussed in the following video:

By default, once email integration is set up, all notifications are enabled. You may want to customize the text of the notification emails as well as choosing which ones to enable or disable.


Note: if a person has multiple roles within the same org unit (and or if a superuser also has roles), it is possible to receive multiple notifications related to the same event.


See also: https://saltycloud.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TES/pages/1275463904 and https://saltycloud.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TES/pages/1275463929