What is Isora Lite?

Isora Lite is a free tool for performing security risk assessment on third-party (vendor) products. It can be used to conduct targeted risk assessments to assess compliance with specific laws and regulations or industry standard recommendations such as HECVAT. In addition to allowing creation of surveys to be submitted to and filled out by the vendors, previously submitted and stored assessments can also be accessed. This allows users to avoid having to repeat assessments which have already been performed by other organizations using Isora Lite.

Who should read this document?

Anyone who wants to assess vendor products using Isora Lite.

Who should not read this document?

Vendors do not need this document. They do not need to access Isora Lite directly; all they need to do is go to the URL which an Isora Lite user sends them and fill out and lock their answers to complete the assessment.