Host Data Fields

Isora GRC can store a variety of information about inventory assets. These inventory assets are referred to as “hosts,” but a host could actually be any asset that you’ve decided to inventory and assess with Isora GRC.

None of the fields in a host entry are required. The administrator for your organization should decide and inform users about which fields are important to track.

Hosts are stored on sheets (for more info, see ). Only a sheet owner can create a new host or edit existing hosts. Even the host owner will not be able to edit the host entry directly, unless they also have access to the sheet where the host resides.

When you click on the name of a host on a sheet or add a new host, you will see the Add/Edit Host Dialog. The fields are explained below:

It is important to know that anyone specified in the lists of Owners, IT Contacts or Users will be able to assess this host in a host categorization part of an org unit assessment. However, they won’t necessarily be able to access and edit the host entry in Isora GRC. Only people who have access to the sheet where the host resides may do that. If you put an org unit code down as an Owner, IT Contact or User, then anyone with permissions in the org unit would also be able to assess the host.