Isora GRC - Riskmap Release

We are all competitive by nature, so SaltyCloud has build a new feature called the Riskmap. The Riskmap feature lets you see how an org unit’s risk compares against the organization as a whole and it’s downstream children. In all seriousness, risk is not a competition between org units; it is more a catalyst for taking action or a window into what risks need to be evaluated first.

If you have not already seen this new feature (it has been out for a few months now), users can now view an organization’s risk profile on a certain assessment per question category compared to the top level organization average, as shown below. This is especially helpful to see the categories most risky to an organization (and its children as you will see below).

To view a Riskmap (risk heatmap) simply go to Reports, and open up the report for the organization you want to view.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you see the comparison of the top level organization vs the org unit you are viewing.

If you have included child org units (more information in Isora GRC - Assessing Child Org Unit Risk on this new feature), then you will see how the org unit compares against its the organization as a whole and its children org units.

Notice the difference in values for the org unit we are viewing between the rollup (below) and non-rollup (above) screenshots. The reason for this is that the org unit answered an assessment on it’s own so the screenshot above (without rollup) only shows how the org unit answered, whereas the screenshot below includes the risk score of all children it’s calculation.

This is just one more tool that lets users visualize their risk profile compared to the parent and downstream children.