3.3 Acknowledging a Vendor Assessment

Once a vendor has filled out all of the questions in an assessment, the assessment is ready to be acknowledged. Usually, the vendor does the acknowledgment, but it’s also possible for the representative from the requesting institution to do it. The assessment isn’t considered complete until it has been acknowledged.

Follow these steps to acknowledge an outstanding vendor assessment:

  1. Navigate to the assessment, either by locating it in the open Vendor Assessments tab or by using the direct URL.

  2. Click the acknowledge button at the top.

The acknowledge button is only visible when all questions have been answered and locked. Once acknowledged, no answers can be changed and the assessment will disappear from the open tab and appear as a report under the complete tab.

If you are a representative of an institution requesting a vendor assessment and you want the opportunity to review (and perhaps question) the answers being provided by the vendor, please instruct them not to acknowledge the survey themselves. For example, maybe they put something as “not applicable” but you think it really is applicable and you want them to answer yes or no. Or maybe you want them to give more details in their explanation. You might want to communicate back and forth a few times with the vendor. Once the “acknowledge” button has been clicked, you wouldn’t be able to change any answers.