5. Advanced API Topics

The API has a number of undocumented endpoints associated with assessments, unit questions, surveys, question categories, etc. It is unlikely that most administrators or any ordinary users would need to access these aspects of the API. Additionally, the product is under continuous development, and the API itself is always changing, so it is possible that there are new undocumented features popping up from time to time.

Fortunately, the API itself is largely self-documented. There are two approaches which are recommended for exploring the API, which may become necessary if you want to use it for some advanced purpose that hasn’t been addressed in this document.

  1. Download a REST client and use it to test and “play with” the API. Many endpoints have been outlined so far. Use your REST client to run a lot of GET requests and take a look at the data you retrieve. Many objects reference other objects and you can quickly find additional information.

  2. Look at what the web client is doing. Under the covers, the Isora GRC web interface uses the API. Using the advanced features of your web browser you can inspect the communications between your browser and the Isora GRC server to learn about the API.

The rest of this document suggests a few use cases for the Isora GRC API.

If you are using the Isora GRC API, we would love to hear about it! Please reach out to SaltyCloud by commenting on this page or by emailing the author directly at laura@saltycloud.com . Thanks!!