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How to Use These Resources

Information about Isora GRC is split up into 4 sections- Explanation, Tutorials, How-to Guides and Reference. Within each section there is information geared toward different types of users. Below is an outline of what’s included in each section, along with some guidance to help you find what you’re looking for.


This section contains general information about Isora GRC, how it is used and who uses it. There is a lot of overview, links to explanatory videos and FAQs. Here you can also find out how Isora GRC can be customized and how to get started with your initial setup.

Please visit our YouTube page to view an entire playlist of videos to help you get started with Isora GRC:




Here you’ll find basic step-by-step instructions to familiarize yourself with the software. Each tutorial does one basic thing and by the end of the tutorial, all of the steps are undone, so you don’t need to worry about messing anything up.

How-to Guides

This is where you’ll find step-by-step instructions to help you achieve a specific task or solve a problem using Isora GRC. Different guides are intended for different types of users.


In this section you can find additional information about specific questions you may have, for instance the meaning of different terminology used by the software and the documentation.

Finding Information

You can also use the Search bar in Confluence to find specific information, and each page includes labels to help you figure out what the page is about. In particular, look out for labels that tell who the intended audience is for a page.

Audience Labels for Pages


Role in Isora GRC


Common Job Titles


Role in Isora GRC


Common Job Titles


administrator (superuser)

Technical person; has superuser privileges in Isora GRC; is responsible for initial setup, building assessments, and day-to-day management of Isora GRC itself.

Information Security Officer; Security Analyst


Assessment Manager

Technical person; has knowledge about technical resources and processes within an organization; is responsible for pushing organizational assessments through to completion.

Departmental Information Security Officer; Information Research Custodian; Unit Information Security Lead; Lead Technical Support Contact


IT Staff

Technical person; has knowledge about systems and/or processes in an organization.

IT Rep; IT Manager; Technical Support Contact


User (or no role assigned)

Not necessarily a technical person; has ownership or responsibility for assets within an organization.


If you use Confluence’s built-in search feature, there is an option to filter based on label. This can help you find information that is specific to your work role.