CSV Upload Reference Information

Many types of data can be input to Isora GRC via CSV upload. This saves a lot of time, but it’s important that the CSVs are formatted correctly with the right fields.

In the Upload CSV dialog window, there is a link to download a template. Each type of CSV has its own unique template. At the top of the template is some explanatory information about each field and its required format. All fields are required unless otherwise specified in the template comments. Commented lines in the CSV templates begin with # and they will be ignored when you upload the CSV.

You should always download the CSV template directly from your instance of Isora GRC before creating a CSV to upload. This way, you’ll ensure the version of CSV you’re creating matches your level of Isora GRC.

Each CSV uploaded needs to have a header line which specifies the order of columns in the file. As long as all of the required fields are present, the order doesn’t matter. However, the field names do need to match what’s in the template, including case. Field names are specified in all lower-case.


Use the following pages for reference.