Customizing Isora GRC

A number of aspects of Isora GRC are customizable for each customer. Some of these items will be determined at initial setup, but others can be customized later.

URL - Each instance of Isora GRC has its own custom URL. You can request the subdomain that you want to use.

Host, App and Vendor Deployment Picklist Values - Before you start adding inventory information into Isora GRC, you should decide whether to use the default picklist values or your own. You can find more info about the default values here:

Vendor Vertical Picklist Values - The default list of verticals (or categories) for vendors is related to HECVAT. If you want to specify different options, let us know.

Vendor Product Statuses - By default, there are no status fields. You can add them yourself as a superuser (see: ) or you can request to have them added.

LDAP integration - You will likely want to allow users to be authenticated and authorized via LDAP. If you haven’t already provided this information to SaltyCloud, please contact us so we can set that up for you. Learn more about LDAP integration here:

Single Sign-On (SSO) - After an initial testing phase, you may be ready to integrate Isora GRC with your SAML SSO provider. Please reach out to us and we will work with your Identity Management Team to set that up.

Email - Email notifications are initially disabled. You can set up Isora GRC to use your own mail server and specify a custom “from” address for email notifications sent by Isora GRC. It is also possible to use Isora GRC’s built-in mail relay with a custom “from” address. In that case, we will confirm the email address belongs to you. (By default, emails come from admin@<your institution name>

Help Button - The help button on Isora GRC’s main menu points to the online documentation, by default. If you have created a landing page with information that’s specific to your organization and how you’re using Isora GRC, you can change the help button to go there instead. You may want to include a link from there back to though .


If you are ready to apply any of the customizations mentioned above, please contact and let us know.