What is question tagging & what are policies?

Policies allow you to “tag” questions based on framework and section. These can be used to generate reports that are specific to the framework you are evaluating based on.

Some advanced users utilize PowerBI to generate very custom reports based on assessment results from Isora GRC. Question tagging allows the data to be sliced in different ways using PowerBI. For example, all questions will a given tag might be weighted a certain way, or have their scores totaled to be displayed in a particular graph.

In the future, Isora GRC will support a variety of pre-built dashboards that are taylored to existing frameworks, such as CMMC. Question tagging will enable those dashboards to determine which questions are relevant.

Additional future features are also expected to make use of Policy tagging.


Policies are found on the Question Configuration area of the Settings page.

See also: https://saltycloud.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TES/pages/1866924035