Users: What Are Surveys?

Depending on your assigned roles, you may be required to fill out different types of surveys in Isora GRC. A survey is a bunch of questions directed at a specific target. The three different types of survey targets correspond to the three different types of assessments you can do with Isora GRC- Organizational, App and Vendor.

As an ordinary user without any special roles, when you log into Isora GRC you will either see a bunch of stuff on the Assessment page, or you will be sent directly to a wizard that walks you through the process of categorizing hosts.

If you have an assessment manager or IT staff role, you will see a list of assessments associated with your org unit and you can click on each one to access the related surveys.

Organizational Surveys

An organizational assessment includes one survey for each org unit included in the assessment, and each survey has two parts- host categorization and unit questions.

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If you are have an assessment manager or IT staff role in your org unit, you can delegate hosts to other users by adding them as an IT contact, owner or user of the host. Then when they log into Isora GRC, they will be able to see those hosts and answer questions about them.

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As an assessment manager or IT staff, you can also delegate categories of questions from the unit questions part of the survey. Then when those users log in, they will see just those questions when they access the survey, and be able to answer them.

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App Surveys

An app survey consists of an overall classification for the app, plus app questions.

If you are an assessment manager or IT staff for the OU owning the app, you can fill out the app categorization or the app questions. You can delegate by adding a user as an app owner, or using the silhouette button on the app questions to delete a category of questions to a user.

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If you are the app owner but have no special role in the owning OU, you can fill out the app categorization or app questions, but you won’t be able to delegate.

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Vendor Surveys

Vendor surveys consist of a list of questions. Anyone with access to the external URL can fill out and acknowledge the survey.

It’s also possible to access the survey by clicking the assessment name in the Assessment page, if you have access to it. Normally, anyone with an assessment manager, IT staff, or vendor requestor role in an OU that has a deployment for the app, or the OU that created the assessment, will have access. It’s not recommended to use the internal link to access vendor surveys.

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