Users: How to Complete App Assessments

When you are notified that an app assessment is ready to be completed, log onto Isora GRC and go to the Assessment page.

  1. Locate the app assessment and click the arrow to expand it. Start by choosing a classification from the drop-down list, then click the Lock button.


  2. To access the survey questions about the app, click the In Progress link.


  3. Fill in the survey questions, including explanations as needed. You can lock each individual answer, or use the Lock All button at the top when you’ve finished. If you need to return, you can use the Save All button to save your answers without locking the survey.


  4. Once all answers have been locked, the survey is ready to be acknowledged by a person with assessment manager authority for the OU. Until that happens, you could use the Unlock button to unlock and change individual answers.


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