Users: How to Categorize Hosts With Express View

Some users are responsible for a limited set of hosts and only need to use Isora GRC to categorize those hosts. When you log in, you should land on the Assessment page where you’re are presented with a list of hosts for which you are a delegate (in other words, a list of hosts that you are responsible for). Then you can follow these steps to categorize each host:

  1. Click the “answer” button to enter the Host Categorization Wizard.

2. Choose an appropriate system type and click “Next”.

Host Categorization Wizard welcome page lets you choose a system type

3. Continue through the rest of the wizard, choosing appropriate answers. Your options may differ, depending on your local configuration.

4. Click the “Submit” button at the end, or use the “Previous” button to go back and change your answers. Once submitted, you won’t be able to change them for this assessment.

After completing the wizard, if you have any other hosts assigned to you, you can click the “answer” button for each one to run the wizard again on the other hosts. Once you have completed all of them, the assessment module displays a message indicating that you’re done.