How to Create New Risk Register Drop-Down Fields

This information is for superusers only.

If you have a risk field with a limited set of possible values that you want to track, and it’s not on the default risk register entry, you can create a custom drop-down field by creating a risk register answer response group.

  1. First, create any needed answer choices to populate the drop-down list. Go to Settings → Response Choices and stay on the Answer Choices page. Click on the + sign button to create a new answer choice.


  2. Fill in the fields to create a new answer choice, then click Save. The multiplier does not matter for risk register answer response group choices.


  3. Continue adding answer choices until you have as many as you need.

  4. Staying on the Settings → Response Choices page, go to Answer Response Groups, and click the + sign button to create a new answer response group.


  5. Fill in the fields, choosing the answer choices you just created, and setting the Record Type field to Risk Register.


  6. Now, when you view or create a risk register entry, the new field you just created will show up at the bottom.