How to Create a New Question

Only superusers can work with questions.

  1. On the Settings page under the Setup area, click on Question Configuration and Questions. Then click the + sign to create a new one.


  2. Fill in the fields, starting with the text of the question itself. If this question is the child of another question, start typing the text of the parent in the Parent field and indicate whether this question should be asked after a Favorable or Unfavorable response to the parent. If you enter a Parent, then the Category field will auto-populate with the same category as the parent. If this question doesn’t have a parent question, then enter the category it belongs under. The category must already exist. (See also: )


  3. Choose a weight value based on how important the question is to the overall score (See also: Question Weight Value ). Help Text is optional but recommended, and gives you a way to help your users figure out how to answer the question accurately.


  4. Choose an answer response group that makes sense for this question. The answer response group must already exist. SaltyCloud will pre-populate your instance with some default answer response groups that are typically used. (See also: ).
    Indicate under which types of responses an explanation will be required. The explanation is a free-form text field where the user can provide additional details. You can always require an explanation or only require it for certain types of responses. You can also check the checkbox to allow them to include an explanation even if it’s not required.


  5. Indicate whether you want to require documentation to support the question. You can require documentation for a favorable or unfavorable response. Alternatively, you can allow users to upload documentation even if it’s not required.


  6. You can’t create “Managed” questions. Click Save when you’re finished. In order to be part of a survey, the question will have to be added to a question list. (See also: ).


See also: