FAQ: How Can I Import a Previously Completed Assessment Into Isora GRC?

You might have data from a previously completed questionnaire that you want to import into Isora GRC. For example, a vendor may have provided a HECVAT or ACR (VPAT) in the form of a spreadsheet.

Isora GRC does not currently support customers directly uploading completed questionnaires through the GUI or the API. However, you can email support@saltycloud.com to open a support ticket to request importing the data. If a well-known framework such as HECVAT was used, make sure the spreadsheet includes versioning info.

If a non-standard set of questions was used to generate the data, then you will need to supply the questions as well. In order to import the assessment data, first a question set (both questions and categories) needs to be created, along with all requisite objects like answer choices and answer response groups. If the questions along with their requisites are already loaded into your instance of Isora GRC, you should indicate that when you open the support ticket.

Usually, people want to import previously completed vendor surveys, but it is also possible to import app or org unit surveys. These may have been generated using Isora GRC in the past or another assessment tool.