How To View Survey Progress for Organizational Assessments

Once a survey has been launched, you can view the survey in more detail to see what progress has been made, or even fill out the survey yourself from the assessment module. Assessment managers and IT staff can view surveys for their OUs. Supusers can view all surveys.

On the Open tab of the Assessment page, expand the assessment series name and locate the survey(s) you are interested in.

Clicking the “In Progress” link for the unit questions brings up the unit questions survey. You can view the existing answers, edit them and save or lock answers. “Locking” an answer implies this is the final answer. Surveys cannot be signed off as final until all answers have been locked.

If you need to change a locked answer, you can click the Unlock button. Some answers require additional explanation in the text box.

Once all of the answers have been locked, the survey is ready to be finalized. If you are the assessment manager, you can click the Acknowledge button to do so.

You can do the same thing with the host categorization survey. Once all surveys have been acknowledged, the assessment is considered completed.

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